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As it was in 2004

TAV is buying the rights



The work starts


Testlanding 2009



Extension of runway 2010

07/12/10 Borajet arrives

The Welcome Committee


First flight from Europe 2011

AnadoluJet April 2011

Corendon 04.04.2012

Transavia 09.05.2012

Detur 05.06.2012

Scanway 05.06.2012

Tailwind 02.07.2012

SAS 05.07.2012



The Turkish company Pegasus starts their domestic flights 17th of December 2012. These flight goes from Istanbul (Sabiha Gökçen4 times a week.


To book a flight, visit Pegasus website.


GAZIPASA 05.07.2012»

The landing permission was present. The plane leaves a sunny Oslo Gardermoen. the temperature there is 21 degrees celcius at 06.55 AM. In Gazipasa 45 degrees is waiting - together with an enthusiatic group of Norwegian people.

The newspaper Great Times and the union Mahmutlars Venner arranged a trip to Gazipaşa to meet SAS and the first Norwegians to land at the airport.


GAZIPASA 03.07.2012»

SAS was supposed to land 03.07.2012. The permission came in the last minute, but many of the passengers were then already on their way to Antalya in private cars and could not be reached. Therefore the route was redirected to that airport.


GAZIPASA 02.07.2012»

Tailwind landed 11.00 PM with 146 passengers from Belgium. The plane was a Boeing 737-400, that can take maximum 159 passengers.
Tailwind is the third international company that has got landing permission in Gazipasa.


GAZIPASA 05.06.2012»

Danish Scanway had earlier announced 4 trips each week to Gazipasa. Only 2 trips per week has been approved for each company in 2012. Strict security demands first stopped Scanway from flying to Gazipasa. The company therefore made a contract with Corendon as well, and was permitted to land for the first time 05.06.2012.


GAZIPASA 05.06.2012»

Detur has joined Corendon, to start charter flights to Gazipasa. The majority of the Dutch people flying to the Turkish riviera, choose this small, but already so important airport.



GAZIPASA 09.05.2012»

Transavia renew their contract, this time for their Boeing 737-800 fly. 9th of May the first plane is landing  at Gazipasa airport - coming from the Netherlands.



GAZIPASA 04.04.2012»

Gazipasa Airport got in 2012 permission for Boeing 7373-800 to land at the airport. Corendon was the first company to use this permission 04.04.2012.

The airplane from the Netherlands was wished welcome in the same honourable way as Transavia experienced in 2011. These international routes have a huge financial effect on the Alanya district.



History is written in Gazipasa »

The association Mahmutlar Dostluk Dernegi (Mahmutlar Friends) arranged a trip to watch the first international landing in Gazipasa. With a large and a small bus, arrived at a solid delegation from MDD of what once was pasture for cattle. Several members also followed in separate cars.
What met us was the first well-organized airport. In addition, the arrangement was in an upper class. Anyone who found their way to the airport this special day got VIP treatment. Great drinks, canapes, Turkish delights, beautiful music - the atmosphere was unforgettable.


We checked that the plane had left from Schiphol on time. The landing was made 20.15. Ten minutes late so we get the plane. The lights from it, was like a shooting star - for us who have waited many years. A wish was about to be fulfilled. A desire that not only means short distance to the holiday paradise, but also will have enormous consequences for the area's economy both now and for the future.

Before the landing the plane circled two laps of honour over the airport before landing. Boeing 737-700 aircraft - needed only half the runway length. This day had optimal landing conditions. It was a pleasure to note that many people's concern about the length of the runway can now pass into history.

All attendees showed immense pleasure over the incident. One could clearly see the special relationship Turks and Europeans have - in terms of total strangers hugged and congratulated each other. The atmosphere cannot be described. It had to be experienced.

So it was to receive the first passengers. Some looked a little confused. There was not anyone who thought that they were on a maiden voyage. But they got some pleasant surprises. Not only in the form of cheers from the audience. Baskets of gifts were handed out to everyone. And a number of the attendees also received flowers to bring home.



CONGRATULATIONS, Alanya district!
CONGRATULATIONS, Mahmutlar Friends!

Article and video i Yeni Alanya



April 27th 2011 - a day to remember »


TheGerman-ownedtour operatorNeckermann,whichwillmake thefirstinternationalflighttoGazipasaAirport04/27/11,reportedthat theywouldupgrade thenumber oftrips.This isbasedonthreetimesas a highdemandthan whatwasexpected.In AprilandMay,Transaviaaircraft,which is oneoftheairlinesusingNeckermann,landingat weekly basis.
Inthe period July-September,there willbetwodeparturesperweekbetweenAmsterdamandGazipasa.
InOctoberthere willbe weekly flights, until10/26/2011.
Othertour operatorsandairlines, is now expectedto followinthe wakeofNeckermann/Transavia.Ergoinfluxwillbemoreintensifiedthanpreviouslyexpected for2011.

The flightswill beconductedwiththe Boeing737-700.Thisaircraft carries for until 149 passengers.

Mediainterest inGazipasaairportishugein the Netherlands.The request became three times higher than expected.Neckermannfollows up onthisin averyprofessionalandbusinesslike manner.Dutchpresswillof coursebe inplaceat thefirstlanding.

Borajethasstoppeditsflightsineachcountry from 03/26/11.Theygive way toAnadoluJet,a subsidiaryofTurkishAirlines.Thismeansmoreflights,moretrafficandexpandedservicealsofor domestictraffic.AnadoluJetwill also startitsflightsinApril 2011.



June 2009 »


First test landingwasmade​​with asmall privatejet.The receptionconsisted ofasmallgroup ofenthusiasts.The pilotevenclaimedthat thiswasone ofthe bestairports, hehad landedon.




July 12th 2010 »


The firstcommercialplanearrivingfrom Istanbul.The filmshowsthelandingpathismorethan longenoughforthe need for thistype of aircraft (ATR 72). Afterthelandingpathisextendedonce again.Andto haveamoreextremeextensionin 2011.The Welcome committeewasin placethishotJulyday.



TAV is planning further»


Tepe Akfen Venturesleasesandoperatesseveral airports.Not onlyinTurkey.This is acompanywithhighambitions.The planwithGazipasa, istoreceive3 millionpassengersevery year.Below isa possibleconstructionofthefutureterminal building:


More info about TAV and Gazipasa»


Doyoustillpinch yourselfandwonderifthis isadream?

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